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Freshie & Shingo✨#4

Freshie & Shingo✨#4

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Purchase a custom freshie (random style) and play our SHINGO game. 

What is SHINGO????

ShinGo is played just like BINGO the first person to fill all 5 balls in their row is the SHINGO (BINGO)winner.

There is 15 spots(rows) per round(see board below). You have the option to select you row (1-15) to include your 5 numbers. You can purchase as many slots at you like.  

This game is played LIVE on our Facebook page (Link Below).

During the game numbered balls are pulled out of a bag one-by-one and placed in their coordinating numbers on a BINGO board. The first person to fill all 5 balls in their row first is the 🌞SHINGO winner. 

The winner has the option to choose from the 1-5 different custom tees. All designs will be posted on our Facebook page the day prior to the live or same day.

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